Acrylic tea cup- Small

Acrylic tea cup- Small

360 220

Number of cups: 1 Piece

PERFECT cup FOR YOUR HOME/CAFE/OFFICE – This Tea/Coffee cup will perfect your daily hot beverages drinks in your home, office, cafe or while you travel out.

COMFORTABLE HANDLE – Enjoy every sip of morning tea, coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate. Made with tough material have strong fitting handles to provide better grip.

BROAD MOUTH – This tea cup has large mouth which eases while you are pouring coffee or tea into it and avoids spills keeping your workplace clean and tidy.

LARGE CAPACITY – This  coffee/tea cup has a large capacity which perfectly satisfies your morning beverages drinks no need to fill again and again while having the tea with biscuits & rusk.

EASY TO USE, CLEAN & CARRY – It is lightweight, anti-scratch, non-sticky allows cleaning quickly. Can carry this personnel mug while your trekking, campaigning, or travel out with your friends or family.



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